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 If you want to get the real-deal reviews for comparing cruise lines, don’t go to the cruise line’s website. They’re going to feature only positive reviews and that isn’t what you’re looking for. Instead, try websites that allow consumers to post real-life reviews of different cruise lines. is a good example of this type of site as are, and 

This will give you an idea of what actual passengers think about different ships and will give you an idea of what to look for — and what to avoid 

Today’s Cruise Choices.

Should You Take it or Leave It?

Some people remember, when they were kids and it was time for dinner in their house, they didn’t have much choice about what to eat. The house rule: Take it or Leave it!  So, if you didn’t take it, you might go to bed hungry.

When it comes to choosing a cruise vacation the rules are different.Today's Cruise Choices. Certainly not a take it or leave it proposition.

We all know that some people love to cruise. Year-in and year-out they’re sailing somewhere on the 7 seas. Some took a cruise, just once. They hated it. Others could take or leave it.


So, your thinking about going on a cruise.

Good.  Now’s a great time to go. Looking for fair and impartial advice …who isn’t. How about  a great deal?…everyone wants that!

Starting to search for cruise ship reviews on the Internet, visit some 3rd party sites, read the blogs for advice, do some social networking, or just visiting your neighborhood travel agent?

When it comes to advice, there’s a ton of it out there. Some good, some bad, some, not very accurate. Everyone these days has to put their two-cents of an opinion out there for view.

Confused about all the choices? 

Today you have so many choices. Lots of them. Over 350 cruise ships. 8,700 sailings. 480 prime destinations. 18 close to home departure ports.  Entertainment, dining and sightseeing choices, way too many to list here.

What if, you could read detailed and comprehensive cruise reviews from professional travel writers and your fellow cruise travelers. Oh, not the cruise ship review sites that have tens of thousands or more articles or reviews to read.  You’ll be there all night. As a matter a fact several nights just to find what you want, then who knows how long to filter out all the cruise review information and mis-information.

That’s a daunting task you know you don’t have time for.

Instead here at Cruise Traveler Magazine’s Cruise Reviews Online you can now read thousands of the best cruise line reviews and cruise ship reviews by travelers and cruise experts on today’s most popular cruise ships. You will find the information is unbiased and unedited, the writers sharing their cruise experience, good or bad with you. You can Take it or Leave It. If you don’t like one ship, there’s always another. Lots of ships in the sea.Write,review,rate and rank your cruise experience. Help us create the TOP 10 Best cruise reviews.

Not only can you read the reviews, If you have cruised before, you can write a cruise

review of your experience to help other cruise travelers make intelligent, informed decisions.

So, as a well informed traveler, here at Cruise Reviews Online you have lots of choices, including the entitlement of your opinion. Unlike your choices as a kid, when it comes to choosing a cruise, you can take it or leave it.

Today’s Cruise Choices. Not exactly…Take it or Leave It! Not even close.

Raye & Marty Trencher, Cruise Traveler Magazine
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